Ship Classification

Class Notations

All Ships being assigned class with Class ARS shall be given a class notation consisting of a construction symbol, a main character of class, service area restriction notations and main ship type notations, and entered into the ARS Register Book.

Assignment of class, classification characters and notations, which denote the degree of confidence that the ship deserves, are assigned following the satisfactory  completion of surveys carried out by the society’s surveyors and the completion of verification of compliance with the Class ARS  rules. ARS class notations cover  both mandatory and optional requirements.

Class notations may be also assigned with a supplemental symbol. Such a supplemental symbol shall be used to identify special requirements or  limitations  related to the class notation.

Constructional details and technical features of the ship entering into Class are recorded in the Certificate of Class and other documents issued by  the ARS.

Typically, the Class ARS notations include the following:

1.Construction marks.

2.Class symbols:

  • Hull character
  • Machinery installation character (as applicable)
  • Division number
  • Rating letter
  • Equipment symbol


3.Service notations.

4.Navigation notations.

5.Additional notations

  • A combined service notation, which may be assigned to a ship when requirements for each service notation are met.
  • Special notations which may be assigned upon request from the party applying for classification, indicating that the ship or some of her arrangements and/or installations comply with specific  International, National or other regulations that are not necessarily covered by the Class ARS Rules.
  • Machinery Installations which comply with the Rules of the society for automated and/or remote controlled systems, shall be designated an additional class notation affixed to the Classification  character.