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Code of Ethics


The success of our Company depends on every individual’s commitment to strive for the highest standard of ethical business conduct at all times. The Code serves as a blueprint for doing what is right and for acting ethically and in compliance with the law, no matter where we conduct business. It is not a book of instructions but rather a set of guidelines created to highlight ethical standards and protect our Company’s reputation as we conduct business worldwide, across different countries and different cultures. Although the Code cannot address every possible scenario you could encounter, it will support you in making ethical decisions and understanding when and how to seek additional guidance. Where local laws, cultures or customs differ from the principles and standards established in the Code, you should seek guidance from your Regional Ethics and Compliance Manager or any other Ethics and Compliance resource. The Code Promotes

• The highest level of honest and ethical conduct

• Protection of confidential and proprietary information

• Compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations

• Open communication and prompt reporting of violations

• A culture of mutual respect