Marine Services

Maritime Consultancy Services


Our Marine Division staff holds knowledge and extensive experience on  the design and modification of ships and other marine related structures.  We undertake reviews and approvals in accordance with our Rules and Regulations as well as national and international standards.

We can support and guide you at any stage of your design, modification or survey ensuring the very highest standards of safety, quality and reliability.

In addition we can review and approve statutory manuals and calculation on behalf of various flag Administrations authorizing Class ARS. 

Certification/Inspection of Containers

Class ARS provide service to it's customers regarding issuance of Certificate of Inspection for Containers and transport units.The Class ARS service covers three general categories of Intermodal equipment (commonly refered to as containers) and when we inspect/certifiy containers,we use Class ARS Container Certification Guide which provides an easy,cost effective method that  makes sure your containers meet all applicable standarts and regulations.


  • General Cargo Containers
  • Platform based containers
  • Thermal Containers
  • Non-pressurized Dry Bulk Containers
  • Swap Body Containers

2.Offshore Containers

3.Tanks for the Carriage of Dangerous Goods,including;

  • UN Portable Tanks
  • Tank Containers
  • Road Tankers
  • Rail Tankers
  • Swap Tanks