Marine Management System

ISM Code

The development of the International safety management code (ISM) by IMO for the safe management and operation of ships and pollution prevention has led ARS to undertake all relevant services for certification of companies and their ships according to the provisions of the above mentioned code including on board and ashore audits.

Every Ship Managing Company needs to develop a Safety Management System and a Safety Management Manual to ensure proper implementation of the Code. This System, is subject to ashore and on board the ships audit, verification and subsequent certification. All people involved as employees of the company or the ship/s, the organization, the policy, the manager, the Designated Person on Aboard, the procedures, the crew etc. are subject to the above mentioned inspections by the Flag Administration.Most Administrations have authorized Organizations to carry out on their behalf  the required audits in order to verify and certify the proper functioning of the Safety Management System and its conformity with the provisions of the ISM Code. 

Proper and effective implementation of the Code leads inter alia to safeguarding establishment against the safety and pollution risks, improves managing control, establishes confidence between all parties involved in the management and operation of the ships and reduces possible losses arising from marine accidents and pollution incidents.
Class ARS has established a worldwide professional network to assist shipowners in ISM Code certification. Specially qualified and properly trained personnel with high quality standards is ready to provide all necessary information, instructions or suggestions upon a relevant request, aiming constantly at safer ships and cleaner seas.

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