Who we are?

About Us

Aegean Register of Shipping (Class ARS) is a Classification Society founded in beginning of 2015,to offer services of high Professional quality to the maritime community,in an efficient and appropiate way.Such services are carried out with a highly qualified staff of Engineers and Naval architects which guarantee the performance of inspections and the issuance of certification according to the norms of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).Class ARS, is a Recognized Organization (RO), Recognized Security Organization (RSO) and Classification Society authorized to offering statutory/class certification and services on behalf of flag states under mandatory rules and regulations, requirements established by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and national legislation.Class ARS Quality Management System has been designed and implemented in compliance of the requirements established in the standard ISO 9001:2008 and IMO Resolutions MSC.349 (92) and MEPC.237 (65) “Code for Recognized Organizations” (RO Code), to provide statutory/class certification and services to existing ships.

What We Do ?

-Ship classification surveys for new constructions and fleet in service under Class ARS own Rules & Regulations.

-Statutory surveys and certification on behalf of Flag States based on the IMO International Conventions, Codes and National Regulations.

-Plan appraisal and engineering studies.

-Assessment and certification of safety management systems under the ISM/ISPS Codes and the MLC 2006 Convention.

-Technical advisory services.

-Surveys of damage , modification or repairs verifications.


The Class ARS Mission

Class ARS is dedicated to ensuring the safety of life and property at sea, and the prevention of pollution of the marine environment. To achieve this mission ARS will: Focus on delivering the highest quality classification services, by the highest quality personnel, while maintaining its totally independent third party, non-profit status. Focus on the development of relevant Rules,procedures and guidance, and maintain and develop its commitment to scientific and technological research and development. Maintain and develop its global operations in line with the needs of clients using its services.ARS has earned an outstanding reputation for its long-standing dedication to safeguarding life and property at sea and preventing marine pollution through the establishment of universally recognized standards for the design, construction and maintenance of ships and other marine structures. The principal work of the Society's expert technical staff is to undertake surveys to ensure that the rules which it has developed are applied to new buildings and existing ships to ensure their safety. The rules cover not only hull structures, but also propulsion systems, electrics,electronic systems, safety equipment, cargo handling gear, and various other areas. ARS’s surveyors work in shipbuilding and repair yards and at ports across the world, wherever they may be called upon to examine the condition of a ship.

Quality Policy

The Management of Class ARS is committed to the following subjects together with its employees;

- Maintaining independence, impartiality, confidentiality and reliability,

- Ensuring safety of life, property and environment of all stakeholders by delivering services in accordance with national and international rules, standards and the requirements specified by the customer,

- Maintain its high rank performance as a recognized organization within the scope of international conventions and as a result of port state controls carried out for safety of life and property,

- Complying with “Class ARS Code of Ethics”,

- Continual improvement of process effectiveness to meet quality system requirements, customer expectations and needs, and for this means, monitoring of the processes by key performance indicators,

- Training and qualification of personnel in accordance with assigned work,

- Receiving customer feedbacks to meet their expectations and needs , responding to these efficiently and quickly, while using the information for improvement of provided services,

- Ensuring that the provided services are equally accessible to all customers.


Environmental Policy

The Management of Class ARS together with its employees is committed to the following subjects;

- Evaluate environmental impacts which may be generated in its conformity assessment activities and minimize the adverse affects,

- Prompt its stakeholders to protect the environment with the rules it develops and the conformity assessment services it performs,

- Make contribution to the prevention of environmental pollution by disseminating environmental protection consciousness,

- Comply with all applicable legal requirements and the standards related to environment,

- Continually improve its environmental performance. taahhüt eder.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

The Management of Class ARS is committed to the following subjects;

- Protecting safety of life and property, when conducting its services and activities,

- Complying with the applicable legal requirements and regulations related to OH&S,

- Providing healthy and safe environment to prevent illness and injuries

- Effective identification of hazards and minimizing risks,

- Provide OH&S trainings to personnel,

- Ensuring safe work places are provided to its personnel and customers are requested in this respect,

- Authorizing its personnel to reject working at unhealthy and unsafe sites,

- Consistently keeping OH&S awareness of its personnel on high level,

- Improves OH&S processes and performance continually,

- Providing required resources for OH&S of its personnel.