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Tokyo Mou Annual Report 2016 on Port State Control in the Asia-Pasific Region

The Annual Report on Port State Control in the Asia-Pacific Region is published under the auspices of the Port State Control Committee of the Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control in the Asia-Pacific Region (Tokyo MOU). This annual report is the twenty-second issue and covers port State control activities and developments in the 2016 calendar year.

We are pleased to present the Annual Report on Port State Control in the Asia-Pacific Region 2016. Since the introduction of the new inspection regime in 2014 in the Tokyo MOU, the number of deficiencies, number of detentions, detention percentage and number of individual under-performing ships have all decreased, whilst the number of inspections has increased slightly. From these facts we can conclude there has been an improvement in both the quality and performance of ships operating in the region attributed to successful and effective operation of the Tokyo MOU. These positive and encouraging outputs result from the great efforts of the member Authorities of the Tokyo MOU for continuous enhancement and improvement of port State inspections. This annual report outlines the port State control developments and activities of the Tokyo MOU that took place in 2016. In addition, the report also provides port State control statistics and analysis on the results of inspections carried out by member Authorities during the year. Although there has been a general trend of improvement in the quality and performance of shipping in the region, there are still unsafe and substandard ships trading around the region. The Tokyo MOU is firmly determined to continue its endeavours to improve and harmonize PSC activities towards the aim of eradication of substandard ships in the region.

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